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Liva Larsen

Long Sleeved 100% Silk Shirt

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This vibrant silk shirt is crafted from a patchwork of vintage Indian saris - there is only one of each design. Artfully tailored with a relaxed collar, long sleeves, and 100% brass buttons, it exudes bohemian flair. The cropped 55cm length pairs perfectly with high or low-waisted bottoms. Lightweight 100% silk makes it an eco-friendly layer for any occasion. Each sari tells a story through its unique colours and patterns woven over decades by skilled artisans. Handpicked by the designer,  Liva Larsen, each shirt is a sustainable treasure overflowing with rich Indian textile heritage. Don't miss your chance to own this coveted artisan piece. It's the perfect layering piece for transitional seasons. 

Each shirt is one-of-a-kind so there are only one of each!