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Liva Larsen

Vintage Sari Beaded Patchwork Bohemian Skirt - Rose (M-L)

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Skirt Measurements:
Waist 45cm 
Length: 35cm

Our unique Vintage Sari Beaded Patchwork Bohemian Skirt is up-cycled from Indian Wall Hanging Tapestry. Crafted from intricate hand-embroidered and beaded vintage sari patchwork, each piece tells a story of tradition and artistry. Meticulous Banjara beadwork, ethnic Indian embroideries, mirrorwork, and various tribal handworks adorn this skirt, making it a collector's item. Every patch comes from antique fabrics, with textiles aged over 25 years from India and Pakistan tribal areas, ensuring its authenticity and charm. Utilizing antique necklines and sections of formal saris and dresses from Rajasthan, India, this skirt embodies a rich cultural heritage. Handmade with care, slight imperfections are inherent, adding to its character. Elevate your wardrobe with this exceptional piece, where history meets modernity in style.

The skirt features an inner lining crafted from recycled silk fabric, ensuring comfort and a soft touch against the skin.